What Savings Can You Make With Digital Entertainment?

Do you remember those much simpler times when all you had was one Netflix account? Now, to be able to access the sheer wealth of exceptional online entertainment out there you need HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, you name it. And those are just the options for television, if you’re a gamer you’ve got even more things to consider.

These services are all reasonably priced individually, but the costs add up if you want to join numerous platforms. The question is, how can you make savings while still enjoying your favorite content?

Not to forget the simple days before online casinos like Jackpot.com. Now we are spoiled for choice with amazing sites like paidpoker.co.uk. The industry, like the digital industry, is expanding rapidly.

In the early days of online streaming libraries, you could have easily argued that a membership with Netflix was enough. The platform from Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph that started it all had the biggest selection of content and was affordable. Nowadays, however, it’s not so simple.

Other services like HBO Max and Disney+ are beginning to wage war on Netflix with what many would argue is better quality content. The former offers a greater number of award-winning series than any of its competitors with the likes of Game of Thrones and The Wire available, while the latter has invested massive budgets into cinema-level productions like The Mandalorian and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Viewers could pick a platform based on their predominant interests, with Marvel and Star Wars fans clearly having more to choose from on Disney+, for instance. The problem is, though, that without subscriptions to the other services, they’d have to miss out on other cultural phenomena like The Witcher and Succession.

It is becoming more obvious that many users can’t settle for just one, and the average US household now has nine subscriptions across different areas of entertainment.

The good news for consumers is that, as the subscription service market gets more competitive, there will be a greater number of welcome offers to take advantage of. This has been witnessed in other highly competitive internet markets, with the online casino industry being a standout example.

Because the industry is so saturated, sites now have to entice players with bonuses to get them to play. Some players choose based on the content available, such as new slots like Cat Clans and Thunder Birds, but they will almost always look to take advantage of welcome bonuses like free spins and deposit matches as well.

With streaming services, you can usually find a welcome offer of a free month first. The ones without this deal tend to provide the service at a lower price to get the edge on their rivals in this way. Using these offers to watch all the series and films you want, and then choosing not to renew the service is one option that could save you money.

An alternative would be to form a coalition with friends and share accounts. One person could subscribe to Netflix, while another could sign up to Amazon Prime, and you could both watch them at different times.

It is getting harder to ignore the amazing content out there across a diverse range of subscription services, and the days of only signing up to one seem to be over. Luckily, as the range of options grows even wider, there will be plenty of offers around. Sharing with friends is also a great option for cutting costs.

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