Book your Hunt – Sit and Wait or Run Through the Woods?

Black bear hunting is one of the most rewarding hunts available to the avid hunter amongst us. With healthy populations ranging from coast-to-coast and from Canada to Mexico, almost everyone has an opportunity to pursue these bruins. How you go about your black bear hunt is a totally different question. There are several different methods for hunting black bears including:

1. Hunting over bait:

This method is very popular in portions of Canada and the eastern United States. It requires a hunter to be patient and be familiar with the size of black bear that they are after Book your Hunt as you are likely to see several black bears every day. Typically, there is a “king of the hill” at most bait sites if you are patient enough to wait for him. You will know he is close when the other bears at the site become anxious and may leave for no apparent reason. Get ready, your chance to harvest a monster bear may be just minutes away!

2. Spot and Stalk:

Like any spot and stalk method, the secret to success in bear book your hunt hunting using this method is to find a high vantage point where you can glass a potential feeding area for black bears. Typical areas you want to glass are grassy meadows, open clear cuts or cut blocks, berry patches and south facing slopes in general. Early in the year, black bear will mostly be grazing on grassy meadows as they come out of hibernation and are looking to replenish their lost fat reserves. Concentrate in these areas early in the year for your best success.

3. Hound Hunting:

Black bear hunting behind a well trained pack of hounds is one of the most exciting, and physical, methods of hunting bruins. From the first bay of the hound, indicating they are on the Book your Hunt scent, to the final treeing of the bear, this method of hunting black bear is an adrenaline filled rush. Unfortunately, due to the anti-hunting crowd, this method of hunting has been outlawed in some states. If you are interested in this type of hunting, remember you must be in top physical condition. Once the hounds are on the scent, there is very little time for breaks or resting. Try it and you will be hooked for life.

4. Still Hunting:

Like any still hunting, this can be a very challenging method of bear hunting, but can still produce success in those areas that are brushy and offer only small openings to glass. Use this Book your Hunt method when you are hunting in timbered regions. This method can be effective during the spring seasons when bear are busy replenishing fat reserves and not quite as wary as other times of the year.

5. Calling:

Use predator calls in conjunction with either your spot and stalk hunt or your still hunting. During deer and elk calving season, black bear are especially susceptible to fawn calls. Calling is most effective once you have located a bear and are trying to get him in to range. There are several good electronic calls on the market. Or be brave and get a predator call from any sporting good shop and let’er rip! The best part of this type of bear hunting, is you may have an opportunity to harvest other predators including coyotes, fox, bobcats, and cougars. Keep an eye open, as most of these predators will sneak in on you and be closer than you expect when you first spot them.